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Work Is Coming

My Annual Leave draws to a close, both more and less productive a time off than I hoped it would be. I had another round of edits on my novel (mostly dangly plot things: “Why isn’t Main Character more scared of X event?” and I am all, hmm, yes, I remember this thing they call FEAR, I think it might have been way back in 1991 and it was a hot April day but I have not known of it’s like since…)

(Well I like, there was that time in 1995 as well, but I was too busy running to take much notice.)

Which leads me to think, how do we experience fear? I become very cold and rational. Some people just fall apart or freeze up. Some people get Real Angry!!1!! I depends who’s counting on us I suppose.

Anyway, to reading matters. On recommendation of either Jason Nahrung or Jason Franks - it was a *Jason*, I got a copy of Paola Bacigalupi’s “The Water Knife”. Since I’ve read his other books and LOVED THEM TO BITS, I’d place it sort of a generation or two before Ship Breaker and Wind Up Girl. It’s more 2050 rather than 2150, when a lot of the US states go LOL, I’m splitting off from the union and kind of forget that in this age of diminishing water supplies, the state that gets the Colorado river first GETS ALL OF IT. So it’s a showdown between Nevada and California, with Arizona getting the short end of the stick in terms of water. The biggest image that stuck with me is the idea of “Clearsacs” which are a water reclamation bag people use. Piss in one end, drink out of the other. These things are so ubiquitous that the old Claearsacs are blowing about the desert and getting stuck in the cactuses.

Last of all, some decent news. I received an Aurealis nomination for The Marriage Of The Corn King. I’m up against some stiff competition. (Notably Kaaron and Sean and Joanne) so I’m a long shot, but it’s worth me heading up the Brisbane for the award night afterparty. Yeah!
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