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Not much news after a month, back to the bump and grind of the day-job.
Reading-wise I finished SEVENEVES by Neal Stephenson and if you havent read it LOOK AWAY NOW. It was brilliant up until we discovered the Seven Eves of our bunch, and then it took a bit of a falter (though it was cool to find out What Happened Next, there was a sense of a Very Large Idea compressed into a too-small space.)
NO SERIOUSLY LOOK AWAY. Okay, my tut-tut science innacuracy concerns the "eigth" member of the Eves stating that she has reached menopause and cannot contribute to the new human race. Now as you and I know, a fertilised egg will grow on anything including fallopian tubes, intestines and stomach linings, (AND EYEBALLS DEAR GOD) the buggars don't even need a uterus, but it helps. A very recently post menopausal uterus is still better than nothing. And since Luisa could happily borrow someone else's egg and throw in her own chromosomes (the Eves have this technology on board their ISS-cum-asteroid) take some hormones and viola. So the contention that she couldn't have kids was so 1989, dude. (Also they had a few frozen bodies lying around. If you're not too squeamish, they could have Jurassic Parked the lot of them)
So anyway, it's a minor quibble. I did enjoy Seveneves a lot.
Also achieved Peak Transformers Comic. The Two Special Edition Issue #50's of the Transformers came out this week (the concurrent volumes Not!RID and MTMTE have both reached this half-C milestone after 4 years). I'm looking forward to reading 24 issuses of MTMTE in one hit. This "season" has been difficult to enjoy in its piecemeal comic issue format.
I'm off to Brisbane next week!!!
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