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Keeping the beat and bad company...

So it goes, spring has arrived here and already there’s Christmas tomfoolery in the supermarkets. I haven’t even planned that far.

So, what I’ve Consumed:

TV: Saw the first 4 eps of Star Trek: Discovery and am in the “not bad” camp, so will keep at it. I’ve always loved Jason Isaacs with the power of a thousand burning suns and Sonequa Martin-Green was familiar to me as The Walking Dead’s Sasha (where she was criminally underused until her last episode TBH) So there is that.

Season 2 of Preacher was a little bloodless, but there were some fun bits in it. Whatever the finale was, I can’t remember it.

Did a Game of Thrones watch-through. Still ship Sansa/Sandor, and not at all ashamed for doing it.

Had one of those days where I experienced a deep sense of loss that there was no Half-life 3.

Bought some books, read some books, namely Diana Gabaldon’s Cross Stitch (AKA Outlander) which I enjoyed and found it so close enough to what I’m doing at the moment – historical fantasy, hur hur hur – that I might make it a comp title (ie: when you have to describe your book to someone and you say, “oh, it’s My Little Pony meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”)

Comics: Read the first issue of Raising Dion, which is going to be a TV series shortly.

Moofies: Saw Blade Runner 2046 which was gorgeous and actually ended too abruptly. Raised a lot of questions about everything, every single SF trope in the world was in it, and they even had the garbage dump ships from Kurt Russell’s Blade Runner Side-Quell “SOLDIER” (the one where he was a replicant with a Tannhauser Gate tattoo, dumped on a windy planet and the director forgot to film enough romance scenes.) Jason Isaacs was in that one too, actually.

And What I did.

I’m on 60K of the Novel. This is like a milestone because 60K is like, minimum word count in any language. We’re really only in the start of the third Act so there could be an 80-90K ending here. Now we have to rescue some shit and lose an MC, and have a cathartic moment and by gosh, there will be a first draft done.

I need to finish up on a short story for a mate.

Went climbing with Helen Stubbs at the Altona Rock Climbing wall. Awesome but I did flip around a wall on an auto belay and come down hard enough I got tangled up and suffered a rope burn on my leg. It’s been 10 days and now it’s all scabby and itchy. Annoyingly I have not been able to climb as much as I would like and I’m losing some endurance on longer climbs. Maybe I need HRT.

That’s it. Next time I post the novel’s first draft will be done.
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