clairemckenna (clairemckenna) wrote,

December Roundup

I missed out on a monthly update (so much for committing myself to that) as there’s been so much going on. The Day Job has been kicking my ass, although once again I proved myself a harbinger of fate when I took the day off yesterday and we got our semi-terrorist incident (as Jim the guy in my place says, how come they only turn up when you’re gone?)

Turned out to be a crazy guy on ice and not isis (dude, back in my day people used to say they were in the Mafia to be extra eeeeedgy, but the one critical I had last year was similarly crazy only nobody said boo because he was white and a Collingwood supporter. And this guy was eating faces. GO FIGURE.) I can understand the awfulness of the drug - had training for that too. If I were a wingnut conspiracy theorist I would be super worried about why they’re pushing First Aid Training on us, *snerk*.

(The poor bloody people who got injured though. God, we spend so much money on bullshit and yet everything is drug and mental illness related. Where’s our Manhattan Project for that?)

Anyway point being is that crazy A Wyatt Mann got me some tickets to see Rogue One last year, and this year – last week - I saw The Last Jedi which I was a bit not certain of at first, but on reflection I really liked, and will see again I’m sure. Did I mention Thor 3? Liked that too. There was not, however, enough hours in my life to force Justice League upon me.

Wrapped up Mr Robot season 3 – so good. It’s really settled into the emotional cruxes between Dom/Darlene, Elliot/Robot/Tyrell and Whiterose with everyone. (I love Whiterose!!)

Stranger Things 2 met all expectations.

It’s the Christmas hiatus, so the only thing coming is Star Trek discovery, so with that note, I’m off to bed!
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